Assallamu' Alaikum

May the Peace & Blessings of Allah Be Upon You

img2Welcome to the new Haywards Heath Islamic Centre Website. Over the coming months we will continue to build upon our new website to provide information about the Muslim Community in Haywards Heath, the Mosque's communal services and facilitites, information on Islam and online access to our Prayer Timetable. With the help of Allah we have managed to secure our blessed Mosque which is located in the heart of Haywards Heath on Wivelsfield Road.

It is useful to explain here the importance of the Mosque within a Muslim community, especially in relation to congregatory prayers.

Of the five obligatory pillars of Islam, namely the Shahadah (testimony of faith), Zakah (annual charity to the needy), Ramadan (the month of fasting) and Hajj (the once in a life-time pilgrimage to Makkah), the second pillar of Salah (daily five-time prayer) has a unique standing and importance in a Muslims life because it is the one act of worship that keeps him in constant communication and remembrance of his Lord. The prostrations during prayer are a symbolism of the very essence and meaning of Islam, submission to the Will of God.

Indeed the final Messenger of God Almighty, Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), in numerous narrations emphasised the centrality, virtues and status of performing the divinely prescribed prayers in their allotted time. The first question asked of the believer on the Day of Resurrection, will concern their prayers. Men in particular are further required to pray as many prayers as possible in congregation within the Mosque and must attend at least once a week for the Jummah or Friday prayer. Women, though welcome and fully facilitated, are encouraged to pray in the safety and security of their homes with their children. Furthermore as at the time of the Prophet, the Mosque is a place of reflection and retreat, communal activity, welfare, education and a social and administrative centre.

We also welcome all other religions to the Islamic Centre and Masjid to come and learn about Islam.