Important Notice

Mid Sussex Islamic Centre and Masjid

Covid-19 Congregational Prayer reopening
➢ Insha Allah from Today, 16th July our Masjid is open from Fajr for five time daily Salaah. This will be a time limited attendance to control the risk of spreading virus as per Government guidelines.
➢ Only Fardh prayer can be offered in the Masjid with Jamaah.
➢ Opening time will be five minutes prior to Jamaah Salaah time and everyone must leave immediately thereafter; Any gathering outside in the masjid will not be permitted.
➢ Insha Allah the Friday Congregational Prayer will commence from Friday, 17th July 2020 in accordance with the guidance from Government and Public Heath.
➢ The Fridays Jumu'ah khutbah will start at 1.20pm
➢ Maximum capacity in Jumu'ah is 45 people. We will STRICTLY follow 1st come 1st serve.
➢ You MUST bring your own prayer mat (Musalla), face mask and shoe bag for the safety of others and your own
➢ Wearing Mask is a must while entering and remain in Masjid premises
➢ Please senitise your hands before entering Masjid
➢ Wodhu (Ablution Room) and toilet facility will remain closed
➢ Please bring a plastic bag for your own storage of shoes; shoes must not be placed on racks and kept next to you at all time
➢ Those over 70 years are strongly advised to perform prayer at home and are discouraged to attend mosque for their own safety and to minimise the risk to their own families.
➢ Those with illness or any symptoms i.e.: cough, fever, flu, vomiting, diarrhoea, tastelessness, allergies etc. should refrain from coming to Masjid
➢ Those who directly or their family members are working for NHS advised not to come to Masjid
➢ Those who are in contact with people having covid-19 symptoms or are identified by NHS at high risk MUST not come to Masjid
➢ Children under 16 years of age and Sisters will not be permitted to attend Masjid in this phase.
➢ Number of people at any one time in the Masjid will be limited and must follow strict social distancing policy (1 metre plus distance)  
➢ Once inside the masjid, please use the allocated space marked with tape and sit there using your mat
➢ Follow the signs and volunteers instructions at all time
➢ Shaking hands and Embracing shall be avoided at all times
➢ There will be no facilities available for disabled people during this pandemic
➢ These are very challenging times for each of us and we Pray to Allah SWT for His Forgiveness, Mercy and Grant us patient and strength to over-come  all difficulties and calamities we currently facing, Ameen
➢ This policy will change as things get better; in the meantime, we ask for your assistance and cooperation in adherence to these procedures to ensure the safety of everyone
Insha Allah :

Trustees of MSICM Committee
JazakAllahu khairan.

Telephone Imam on 07535604312 or M. Bashar on 07809233863

 You can download your own copy of the Covid-19 Guidelines  by Clicking Here

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